My Life’s Soundtrack (So Far)

I like music. Very rarely I might even love a song or become slightly obsessed with a band for a period of time, but, overall, I like music. I don’t, however, LOVE music. I seldom attend concerts and hardly even purchase new music as soon as it comes out. Every once in a while a song sticks with me and I’ll make the heroic effort to purchase it on iTunes and download it to my iPod so I can listen to it on my morning run. I am far from an aficionado. Still every once in a while a song will come on unexpectedly and will transport me to another place and another time in my life. Ever have that experience? Here are a few that seem to highlight periods in my life:
Darling Nikki by Prince. I was young when this song was released and my best friend, Shannon, and I were obsessed with the somewhat naughty lyrics of this song. This was well before the days of Google and we listened to the song over and over again (on cassette tape) until we had them all sorted out. Anytime I hear this song (which isn’t often enough), I am 10 years old and sitting out in the sunshine with my best friend.

Sometimes by Depeche Mode. I think I wrote the lyrics of this song out nearly 1000 times. I wrote it on notebooks, homework assignments, even on my shoes. The question of whether you could ever really be understood by someone else really spoke to my adolescent angst. Somebody by the same band is a close second for me.

Obsession by Animotion. The song about the guy I just couldn’t get out of my head. Whenever I happen on this song (it is on my iPod, so I hear it fairly often) I am transported to those days when I liked someone so much I was driven to distraction. I was also too young to have a clue what to do about it.

Alive by Pearl Jam. Anyone who knew me the first few years of college knew I was obsessed with Pearl Jam and had every intention of marrying Eddie Vedder one day. The marriage was never to be (what a pity), but I could probably pick any song off the album Ten and it would bring back college memories long forgotten. The angst, the depth, they were and are amazing.

The Dance by Garth Brooks. I spent a summer with a number of friends following Garth Brooks around a little bit. We attended a number of concerts (often flirting our way into the front row) and had a fabulous times just being girls together. It was a wonderful time not about meeting or keeping boys, just enjoying each other’s company.

American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The band that played at the bar where I worked in college (Shout out to the Foster Kids) played this song each and every night they performed. It was always the time we girls would run out on the dance floor and celebrate being young, happy and together. I cannot hear this song without getting a huge smile on my face and singing along.

I’ll Be by Edwin McCain. “Our” song with my husband. We loved this song when we were dating and it helped us bridge the miles during the year we were dating long distance (this sucked by the way). We also danced to it at our wedding. Brings back all types of warm and squishy feelings about him.

Shot Through the Heart by Bon Jovi. Unusual choice, right? Especially since it was important to me in the 2008 (24 years after its initial release). My daughter was 2 or 3 at the time and became obsessed with this song and would request it every time we got in the car – a welcome reprieve from The Wiggles, I dare say. What I loved so much about it was it was her first mainstream (not for kids) song and she totally destroyed the lyrics. She would sit in her car seat belting out, “Shocky the heart!” It was such a happy time in our family.

50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train. The song Charlie and I always sing on our way to her dance competitions. It is fun and fast and she always giggle when I screw up the lyrics. (Sometimes I do it on purpose.) It just puts us in such a good mood which is important when it is super early in the morning and she has to go on stage with a smile and a bit of sass.

F**ckin’ Perfect by P!nk. I have to be careful when and where I listen to this song. I totally picture it being something I would say to my daughter and inevitably get choked up thinking about the insecurities she will undoubtedly face and how the world may make her feel like less than she is. (I want to kick everyone’s ass at that point.)

This is all I could think of off the top of my head. What about you? What songs make up the soundtrack of your life? What did I miss?

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