Oh, How We Enjoy Amanda Bynes’ Fall from Grace

What in God’s name is going on with Amanda Bynes? Whatever it is, it isn’t funny. I want to start off by saying I am not now, nor have I ever been, involved in Amanda Bynes’ treatment. I do not have any secret insight into her confidences. My only exposure came when my daughter discovered her movie What a Girl Wants and insisted on watching it over and over again for a brief period. I didn’t mind since it was better than the latest Barbie movie and Colin Firth is dreamy. (Oh, come on, admit it.) These days, no one talks about her talents or her movies. They, instead, focus on her many strange behaviors and questionable antics. I am not sure if her difficulties are substance and/or psychologically related, but they are definitely present. The sad thing is our focus is not on getting her the help she seems to desperately need, rather we are laughing at whatever latest catastrophe she has caused or has gotten caught up in. Has she been caught shoplifting? YES! Does she wear an oddly placed Band-aid on her face? YES! Is she riding her bike in a disorganized fashion weaving through both traffic and pedestrians? YES! Does she seem to be talking to people who aren’t there and attending to internal stimuli (hallucinations)? YES! Has the stringy, bleached out blonde hair made a triumphant comeback? YES!

There is almost an exultant glee in witnessing just how far this former child star has fallen. I wonder if how positively she was once regarded (bright, beautiful, talented, and funny) only serves to increase our enjoyment of her fall. This young lady is very, very troubled and I am worried about her. I do not think it is funny at all.

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