Choose to be Happy for the Holidays

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season – whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas or Kwanza or Festivus or nothing at all. I hope whatever this season means to you and yours is wonderful. What I encourage you to do is to find something positive to focus on and put your energies there. Look, we all have things we could complain about – crowds in the stores, the materialistic nature of the holiday, greedy children, bickering family members, and financial strain – to mention just a few. You, my dears, have a choice – you can choose to focus on all of the crap or you can give your attention to the things that make you feel good (i.e., time with family, fun with the kids, awesome food, and festive atmosphere).

How you manage a situation determines how you will feel about it. You choose. Choose to smile at the other shoppers at the mall. Choose to remain calm despite parking lot gridlock. Choose to find pleasure in selecting gifts for friends and loved ones. You get to choose how you feel. Imagine the power you have – you get to determine how you will feel. Focus on crap and you will feel like crap. Focus on the happy and you will feel happy. Easy decision, right?

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