Scent Memory

Have you ever been out in the world minding your own business and suddenly a scent crosses your path and you are immediately transported to another place and another time in your life? That happened to me today! I was out jogging, minding my own business – thinking about nothing much and letting my mind wander when I crossed in front of a house where someone was burning incense. Wham! It was only for a few steps, but there it was and instantly I was back in college. When I was back at Michigan State (particularly freshman and sophomore years), I went through a bit of a hippy-dippy phase. I was a vegetarian, wore Birkenstocks, covered myself in flannel, and, of course, burned incense. Like I said, I could only smell it for a few steps and then I was passed the house, but I was filled with feelings of happiness, relaxation and, just a bit of nostalgia.

Any of you have scents that are closely connected to a memory or time in your life?

2 thoughts on “Scent Memory

  1. After my mother passed away I would occasionally walk by homes where someone was doing laundry and the smell coming from the dryer vent made me instantly think of her. Must have just been the same softener she used but it made me smile. Still does.


  2. I have a scent memory for my dad – he is a combination of musk cologne, leather and cigarette smoke. If I can find all three together, it still smells great to me.


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